STEM Curriculum Resources by Dr. Wesley Fryer

Finch Robot Loan Program - Taking applications through August 2, 2015
This looks like a really good opportunity to gain free access to robots for computer programming for your classes for a couple of months next school year…

STEM Jobs Magazine
Request complimentary copies of the magazine to use in your classroom. The website alone has a wealth of resources to use. They even have a "Find your STEM Type" Quiz to help students determine a career choice aligned with their interests.


If you have some students who want to build bigger robots, here are some links to other systems.

Dragon 12 - This is a link to the system used at many universities for their robotics classes.

TI MSP430 - Texas Instruments has also entered the fray! You can get very inexpensive evaluation boards ($10) which can be used as initial building blocks for robots.

Arduino - Also a big robotics group. Arduino boards are sold at Radio Shack and on Amazon. Great for building more permanent robots.

Raspberry Pi - Last but not least is my favorite. These boards are fully functional desktop computers but can be used as stand-alone units because of their price. Only $25! I have one in my office and use it as a media player.

Clearly- This Chrome add on allows you to remove ads from web articles you want to use in your class.